What We Do

Our goal is to help franchise system executives succeed. Today there are over 3,500 franchise systems in the US, and many of those systems face enormous challenges – especially as they try to grow the number of franchises joining their system on an annual basis. The Decide Group is committed to coaching franchise owners, executives, and sales reps in three very specialized and specific areas:

Strategic Planning for Emerging Franchisors
Planning and Strategy Services for Owners of Emerging Franchises

To grow an emerging franchise system, you must develop a competitive advantage. There are many options, possibilities, and specific directions that you can take as you embark on this growth. Developing a competitive advantage is your mark of differentiation.

Owners must decide which strategic decisions will create the right direction for their businesses. We will help owners by providing short-term coaching services that begin by identifying issues, including current and future strategy and objectives.

This assessment will help to understand the current state of your business starting with:

  • Review of the Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Relevant business plans
  • Franchise marketing and recruiting materials
  • Manuals, training, and operation plans

We also interview franchisees and relevant team leaders to understand their challenges, why they feel they can or can’t be successful as a franchisee, and what they perceive to be strengths/weaknesses of the franchisor.

When we combine the above information with market opportunities, candidate availability, financial resources and existing strengths, we can help you decide future direction and strategies.

Franchise Lifecycle Coaching
Franchise Lifecycle guidance, consulting and change management coaching around the new concept of “unfranchising”

Because of our expertise in the area of franchise development, we understand that not all franchisee candidates are created equal, in the same way that not all franchisors are created equal. Growth of the raw number of franchisees has stalled since the go-go days of the 80’s and today there are far more qualified franchise systems than there are qualified candidates. And that fact alone will cause many systems to stall after the “hot–sexy–new” timeframe wears off.

What can you do? First you need to realize that these changes are happening on a nationwide basis. And equally as important, you must realize that the challenges before you are not necessarily there because of something you did. The business world is filled with monumental challenges, one being that the consumer of 2015 doesn’t research or purchase goods and services in the same way that they did in 1980, or even 2005. If you are a franchisor that is struggling in a stagnated industry, you need to give careful consideration to various options for the future. Do you sell to a competitor? Do you liquidate? Or worse do you file bankruptcy? And how can you begin to justify the detrimental effect that any of these options would have on your family of franchisees?

We have found a better way. The new process of “un-franchising” or “un-coupling” is a viable way for you and your franchise to monetize your brand/concept while releasing yourself and your franchisees from future agreements and very expensive legal challenges.

This is a unique exit strategy for franchisors that we have developed and we are now sharing this progressive concept with other franchisors that fit a specific model.

We have developed a tested succession strategy that benefits both the franchisor and franchisee. We can provide you with a proven process and formula that is specific, exclusive, and moves toward an intended practical and unique solution. Our specific step-by-step processes will provide you with a toolkit, mapped processes, and a menu of services. All services are consultative and customized based on your specific business needs. We will guide and coach you, facilitating the process using our proven formula.

The benefit to you is that you will have un-coupled your franchise in less time, with fewer overall expenses and with far fewer attorney fees and legal delays. Your return will be maximized while your franchisees will be satisfied and unencumbered. In the end, we will deliver an exit strategy that maximizes return and outcome for both franchisor and franchisee.

Franchise Development Coaching
Coaching and consulting with small and emerging franchise founders, owners and sales professionals to develop sales closing skills.

Every great performer must continually “up” their game in order to remain competitive in a market that is continuously shifting. Using an organized and proven method, we review your current sales process and your sales people. We evaluate your current methods, team, tools, marketing collateral and recruiting practices to determine how to bring about change in your results leading to better ROI and in the short term and operating profit in the long term.

But beware – change is hard and running a successful business is not for the faint of heart! If you are ready to invest in the time, commit to the idea of change and have the courage to learn new skills we should talk.

You should expect:

  • An assessment and analysis of current practices
  • Evaluation and recommendations
  • Benchmarking
  • Weekly plans and accountability
  • Personal coaching
  • Better results through increased sales and shorter sales cycles